YOU SAID IT: Rising costs

Here are today’s letters from the Ottawa Sun to the editor.

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Inflation has hit those at the bottom of the economic ladder the hardest. Those in low-income jobs and retirees suffer the most from rising inflation.

Add to that Trudeau’s brutal and punitive taxation, and it makes life harder and will lead to shattered and shattered lives, unstable households, and shattered hopes and dreams for many Canadians who want to succeed.

Poverty rates rise as taxes rise for those struggling to make ends meet. The economy is headed for a recession, depression or worse! Under a fiscally irresponsible Liberal government.



(And Trudeau keeps raising costs for Canadians – allowed by the NDP)


In response to the unnamed Liberal chief minister who says the government must balance two competing interests (transparency and protecting national security) in sharing information as part of the investigation into its invocation of the Measures Act emergency — bull ticky!

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As knowledgeable experts have repeatedly stated, there was absolutely no threat to national security posed by the convoy or its participants. Maybe some economic security issues related to border bridge blockages, but these blockages were resolved without and before the law was invoked.

This claim of competing interests only sets the stage for denying Judge Rouleau the “Cabinet confidences” and documents he needs to really determine whether the invocation of the act was necessary. Rouleau has previously been quoted as saying he hopes the investigation will be as independent “as possible.” Imagine, “as possible” – hardly an auspicious independent start. Rouleau must resort to subpoenas if necessary to acquire these documents.

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This is just one more example of Liberal cowards going the extra mile to thumb their noses at the Canadian public’s right to full accountability for their actions. Or, as a cynic would say, to protect the sorry from their petulant leader…!



(The top priority of this investigation is to determine whether the invocation of the Emergencies Act was necessary. The Liberals must turn over all documents that will help Justice Rouleau in this work.)


If NATO is required to defend Poland or another NATO country, what is there really left for Canada to contribute? Our own defense is so exhausted by neglect and our leaders are shamelessly dependent on the United States to protect us, it’s almost to the point that we should sing the American anthem.

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(Our leaders must ensure that the Canadian Armed Forces have the resources to protect this nation. The United States is an important and valued ally, but you can never really outsource national defense.)


Not much BS heard from our fearless leader now that he has secured Mr Singh and his party. He must feel that most of his troubles are behind him until he gets back to his old tricks and loses them. This may be a nice bonus for the Conservatives. What a plethora of candidates we suddenly have for the leadership of this party. Not much to consider eliminating a large percentage of them, though. Fingers and toes crossed for someone honest, reliable and knowledgeable to take on Trudeau and his cronies when an election is called.

The mere thought of more years supporting young Justin kills my appetite and dulls my political enthusiasm.



(The Conservatives need to choose a leader who can defeat the Liberals at the polls. That means finding the person best positioned to win back voters in southern Ontario and British Columbia who rejected the party in the last three elections. )

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