Yorkshire Water announces garden hose ban

In a statement, Neil Dewis, Water Director of Yorkshire Water, said: “Parts of Yorkshire have seen the lowest rainfall since our records began over 130 years ago. The hot, dry weather means the rivers in Yorkshire are low and our reservoirs are around 20% lower than we expected for this time of year. »

“We did everything we could to avoid imposing restrictions, but unfortunately they are now necessary as part of our drought planning.”

“As we have now reached this trigger point, we need to ensure that we have enough supply for the basic needs of people in the region this year and next year, as well as ensuring that we are able to protect our local environment by limiting the amount of water we have to draw from rivers.”

“Our decision to ban garden hoses is based on the risk that water stocks will continue to decline in the coming weeks and the need to be cautious about the supply of drinking water and health long-term rivers.”

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