Yes, it gets repetitive, but luckily our show has episodic stories, so we get the chance to explore a new side of ourselves through different stories.

Bombay : Popular TV actress Pariva Pranati is currently seen in Sony SAB’s popular drama series Wagle Ki Duniya.

The beautiful diva is paired alongside Sarabhai VS Sarabhai, Sumeet Raghavan who portrays the role of Rajesh Wagle in the series.

Pariva is praised for her outstanding performance in the show.

We have seen how the creators have introduced several new tracks in Wagle Ki Duniya which are extremely related to a commoner.

Every viewer who sees Wagle Ki Duniya can relate to the content of the show, making it the most watched show on small screens.

The show highlighted so many social issues in the most beautiful and entertaining way.

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Pariva, who has been on the show since the beginning, opens up about her character and more.

A change you would like to see in the character of Vandana and why?

I love everything about Vandana’s character. She has a very balanced character and I wouldn’t want to change anything about her.

If you had the chance to do a role reversal with one of your co-stars, who would it be and why?

Frankly, I love my role so there’s no way I want to have a role reversal with anyone. But I would love to play every character on my show in different episodes because they all have such great nuanced characters.

TV show actors are often type actors, which is why they cannot get opportunities in other media like OTT and movies. What is your opinion on this?

I think that is changing now, but yes, sometimes you have to keep a lot of patience to seize the right opportunity.

Actors complain that their characters in daily soap operas become monotonous after a certain point. What is your opinion on this? Do you feel the same?

Most shows that go on too long start out with repetitive leads, so maybe the characters get monotonous. But fortunately, Wagle Ki Duniya has episodic stories, so we have the chance to explore a new side of ourselves through different stories and our director Sameer Sir always makes us reinvent our view of the scenes.

Well said Pariva!

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