Woman stunned to find Domino employee working alone: ​​’She hurts him so much’

A woman has shared her appreciation in a now-viral video for an employee she says worked alone at a Domino’s restaurant.

TikTok user @bluegrassblogger posted the video to his account where it amassed over a million views.

She kept the camera focused on herself and did not show the restaurant or the worker, although she praised the employee and other people who work in fast food and retail in the text that covered the video.

A woman shared a now-viral TikTok video in which she shared her appreciation for an employee who she said was working alone. Here, a Domino’s employee returns from a delivery in Houston, Texas.
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According to Nation’s Restaurant News, job growth in the restaurant industry did not progress at the end of 2021. The outlet said higher wages and benefits were offered in a bid to to hire and retain employees.

In July 2021, Statista reported that some of the top reasons restaurant workers quit their jobs included:

  • Low wages and tips
  • Health and Safety Concerns Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Concerns about hostility and harassment from co-workers

This is also not the first time that an employee has been seen working alone in a fast food restaurant. A viral video from TikTok showed an employee working alone at a busy Panda Express.

“Watching this 20 year old girl run this Domino by herself,” read the text on the @bluegrassblogger video. “She makes pizzas, runs the cash register, breaks boxes, answers the phone… all of that. »

She noted that she planned to leave a $100 tip and thanked all the fast food and retail employees.

Over 2,500 viewers took to the comments section to discuss their views on restaurant workers and the situation shared by @bluegrassblogger.

“They hurt her so much,” wrote one viewer.

“She needs to be paid for every person’s work she does plus her own,” another commented.

One felt customers should respect service workers more, while others credited @bluegrassblogger’s appreciation for industry workers.

“Seeing this on grocery break and so much gratitude for you noticing the things people are doing and letting them know you appreciate them,” one comment read.

TikToker @bluegrassblogger shared a second video and explained that her husband ordered pizza. About an hour after placing the order, @bluegrassblogger checked the order and learned that it could take up to two hours to receive.

She decided to pick up the order herself at the store.

“I see this girl, just hustling,” said @bluegrassblogger. “She goes back and forth in the oven, she puts stuff in it, she goes to the station, makes new pizzas, she broke those boxes. She needs to keep getting things done while she helps customers. »

She said that while it was heartwarming to see the employee working hard, she also found it heartbreaking.

“Seeing her deal with this immense pressure and killing it obviously made me proud of her, but at the same time it was just crazy to see the situation she was working in,” @bluegrassblogger said.

She said she wanted to leave a generous tip for the employee, who @bluegrassblogger says kept a positive attitude, to share with the driver who worked with her.

Although a commenter wrote that @bluegrassblogger could have just left the tip unposted, she said in a third video that she posted the original clip to educate service workers, the conditions many can work under and to recognize their efforts. .

TikToker @bluegrassblogger explained that she didn’t want to film the employee without her permission or when she gave her the money.

“The goal was to foster conversation, and that’s exactly what I did with success,” she said.

Newsweek contacted @bluegrassblogger and Domino’s for comment.

Other fast food restaurant videos have already gone viral, including one purporting to show how McDonald’s fries are made and another showing a verbal confrontation between a Burger King employee and a drive-thru employee.

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