Woman slammed for asking her boyfriend to dump her 13-year-old brother after insulting him

The internet is behind a man who refused to let his 13-year-old brother go home alone after insulting his girlfriend.

The original poster (OP), u/throwaway677433749, shared his story on the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA**hole, earning over 6,100 upvotes and 1,100 comments in 4 p.m. for his post, “ [Am I the A**hole] for not leaving my brother alone after he called my girlfriend a dishwasher? »

The OP says they are caring for their brother while their parents are away visiting a dying friend. Although things seemed to be going well between his girlfriend and his brother, the night before things fell apart.

They were going home after dinner after a great night of bowling, and everyone was having a great time. On the way back, the conversation turned to the Netflix series stranger thingswhen his little brother got the show wrong and OP’s girlfriend corrected him.

Annoyed, the 13-year-old shot back: “What do you know? You’re just a dishwasher,” OP said. OP and his girlfriend were furious, and he began to apologize saying it was just a “stupid joke he didn’t mean to tell”. But by this point, the OP’s girlfriend was gone, so he chased after her, apologizing for his brother.

“I knew an apology wasn’t enough, so I promised to speak sternly and punish him for the time he stayed with us,” u/throwaway677433749 wrote. “She said I didn’t have to apologize because it wasn’t my fault and her apology wasn’t going to be sincere, so she asked me to leave him alone to teach him a lesson about disrespecting women and hurling sexist slurs. . »

OP balked at the request, as they were still 20 minutes away from home, and he was not comfortable leaving his brother alone. He also rejected her suggestion to call it an Uber, as he didn’t want to deliver his brother to a stranger.

“If anything happened to her, my parents would never forgive me,” he wrote.

That wasn’t enough for her, however, and she argued that her brother was a teenager, and that it would be fine, but since he didn’t want to put his brother in one, she would order an Uber for herself. With his girlfriend gone, he went back to his brother and chewed him up.

“During the drive home, I told my brother that if he insulted my girlfriend or anyone else in my presence, he might forget that I am his brother. He started crying but I was so mad I told him to keep the tears away because he should “I regretted what he said because it was disrespectful not because I threatened to cut him off,” he wrote.

OP added that he had indeed followed through on his threat to punish his brother until his parents returned. But OP’s girlfriend was still upset and went to her room and closed the door, leaving OP to sleep on the sofa.

A woman who wanted her boyfriend to leave her 13-year-old brother to go home alone is being slammed on Reddit.
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While there are many stories of carpool drivers going above and beyond for their passengers – including one who drove a teenage girl home in a blizzard after putting her up in a hotel – there are also stories of abhorrence of drivers acting inappropriately or outright injuring passengers.

In February, a woman went into premature labor after an Uber driver shot her multiple times. The woman’s father told reporters the shooting followed an argument after the driver picked her up in a different car than the one listed on the app.

Last May, another passenger alleged that her driver drove her to a park – not her destination – behind a white car with tinted windows and a running engine. She ran away and ended up having to walk home barefoot on the highway.

Reddit agreed with OP, that he shouldn’t have been asked to take that risk with his brother.

” [Not the A**hole]. Your 13-year-old brother is still very young. He overstepped but beyond a word of correction, it doesn’t have to be ‘scorched earth’. He must apologize. Your girlfriend, however, is supposed to be an adult. She was out of place expecting you to abandon your brother on the sidewalk. She is [the a**hole] for that. Now she’s pouting in her room. Another childish act,” u/ParticularReview4129 wrote in the top rated comment with over 16,000 upvotes.

“Also, OP, your girlfriend is an ADULT. She shouldn’t have fights with your brother like that, she needs to learn to manage her emotions. Time to chat with her about the expectations ahead,” u/Personal_Regular_569 wrote. ” [Not the A**hole] »

“It’s not okay to leave your child on the street at night, no matter what he’s done. Discipline isn’t negligence, and forcing your brother, who you’re responsible for, to drive an Uber home while you’re on your girlfriend’s side, who I assume is a grown woman, would be negligent and dangerous. Ubering a child home at night can’t be completely safe, and abandoning your sibling on the street to walk home alone doesn’t teach him anything except that he can’t rely on you. I’m afraid your girlfriend thought it was appropriate punishment,” u/StringBean_GreenBean wrote.

” [Not the A**hole], but your brother needs to apologize. Your girlfriend says leaving him to teach him a lesson…is a red flag to be honest…who in the sense would discipline someone like that? Especially if it’s a kid and it’s late at night,” u/angelcasablancarose wrote.

Newsweek contacted u/throwaway677433749 for comment.

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