Woman rescued from hostage situation after asking for help on GrubHub food order

On Sunday, employees at the Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers, New York, received a strange delivery order via GrubHub. And that order led to the rescue of a woman held hostage in the Bronx.

The command seemed normal at first. But, in addition to an Irish breakfast sandwich and a burger, a customer left a note via the online food ordering and delivery service that is popular in the city.

“Please call the police, they will call me when you get the cones delivered, please don’t make it obvious,” reads the note, left in the “instructions” section. Extras” of the GrubHub command.

Usually, these additional instructions provide the establishment with personalized details for an order or delivery drivers with specific information on where to leave the food. This one was ask for the restaurant to send help.

Workers called the restaurant owner and informed him of the situation before calling 911. The GrubHub order was placed at 5 a.m. ET, according to a Facebook post by the Chipper Truck Cafe. Police arrived on the scene and a 24-year-old woman was rescued from the apartment she was being held in about an hour after GrubHub ordered. NBC News reports. The woman met Royal online and was snapped after the two met for a date.

According BNC News, police arrested Kemoy Royal, 32, for “rape, strangulation, criminal sexual act, unlawful imprisonment, threat, assault, criminal possession of a weapon and sexual abuse”. Royal was also charged with “attempted rape, sexual abuse and assault” on another woman.

“Every time we see a simple yet extraordinary act like this, we are amazed at the positive impact our partners have on their communities,” GrubHub said in a statement provided to -.

GrubHub says to — that the company’s chief operating officer, Eric Ferguson, contacted the Chipper Truck Cafe Thursday morning and offered $5,000 to the restaurant to recognize them for their quick thinking.

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