Woman dragged for wearing her boyfriend’s military uniform on social media

A woman and her boyfriend have come under fire in a Reddit post about her reaction to her putting up her military uniform for photos on Facebook.

Writing for the infamous r/AmITheA**hole subreddit, u/SanAnt3559 asked if she was wrong for posting a photo of herself wearing her boyfriend’s uniform, earning over 7,500 upvotes and 3,400 comments.

She says she’s not sure she’s wrong, but it’s “a bad situation, so bear with me.” She said her boyfriend came to visit her two days before the post.

“We have been dating for 6 months and we live in different cities. He comes to visit us on weekends but I’ve never been to his home town and whenever I try to visit him he’s always busy,” u/SanAnt3559 wrote.

On this particular trip, he brought his military uniform with him. Before jumping in the shower, he spread her on the bed. She says she decided to put it on out of boredom, took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook as a “story”.

Once out of the shower, however, he “exploded” at u/SanAnt3559, saying she should never touch her “work stuff” and was “careless” about her career. But when he found out she had posted a picture while wearing the uniform, he grew even more angry, accusing her of putting his job at risk for “bullshit and giggles”.

When she told him he was overreacting, he began to “mumble” that because of the tag that remained on the uniform, that she “fucked him up” and that She “wasn’t going to screw up her job and sabotage it. They argued and he went home after making her delete the message and delete the picture from his phone. He hasn’t contacted her since.

A woman is dragged for treating her boyfriend’s military uniform as a costume.

The military has many rules regarding uniforms, who must wear them, and what someone who wears them must do while in uniform. Only people who are in the military or who have been honorably discharged from the military can wear them, according to US code.

The only time a civilian who has never served is allowed to wear the uniform is if they are taking a military training course or performing in a play or movie – as long as “ representation does not tend to discredit” the military.

Also, outside of a homecoming or deployment, personal displays of affection, such as hugs and kisses, are not acceptable in uniform. Picking up is not allowed either. And since the boyfriend was worried, it’s possible someone in the military could get in trouble if their spouse is wearing the uniform in a photo, or if others see it – and is often seen as disrespectful, according to Veterans United.

In the comments, the general consensus is that both sides were wrong. A number of posters also suggested that u/SanAnt3559’s boyfriend might have another relationship, since she hasn’t visited him yet and he’s only visiting her.

” Dude. He was p**sed because he has a wife lmao. The military has a strict dress code, but they REALLY hate adultery. That’s what it’s really about,” u/UnderbridgeTollman wrote in the top rated comment with over 30,000 upvotes. ” [Everyone sucks here]. »

“Oh definitely. Even if it’s not the other woman, he can get in A LOT of trouble with his superiors. It’s cute if she only wore her hat without her badge showing. [as] they are available at any army surplus store as well as the uniform. But his rank, unit, deployment badge, etc. are all on the uniform and he can get rid of his life if caught,” u/LittlestEcho said. “Doubly if he actually commits adultery. S**t can canned them lol. ”

Not everyone thought the boyfriend was seeing someone else.

“It may not be adultery, but rather that he is in the intelligence business,” u/SiroccoDream wrote. “I’ve known soldiers who lost their Top Secret clearance for bullshit like this. It’s a whole Pandora’s box that can even lead to a dishonorable discharge. »

“However, because of what I have witnessed, I will go with [You’re the A**hole], [u/SanAnt3559]. A military uniform is not a Halloween costume, and to treat it so disrespectfully is really shit of you,” they added.

Newsweek contacted u/SanAnt3559 for comment.

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