With 100 million subscribers, MrBeast is now among the top 5 most followed YouTube creators

Pop the numbered balloons and frost a cake with “100M” because MrBeast just beat 100 million subscribers on YouTube.

The creator, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is only the fifth channel on the platform to reach the next huge benchmark, after T-Series, Cocomelon, SET India and the only other individual account on this list: PewDiePie. “100 million means so much. I’ve been making videos since I was 11,” Donaldson said in a press release. “This number kind of represents everything I’ve done in my life and I’m so grateful to anyone who’s ever watched a video. I hope to do YouTube until the day I die.”

Donaldson has been posting videos on YouTube since 2012, with his very first video on his main channel featuring him playing Minecraft. His videos started to take off in 2018 as he started creating content that showed him giving away large sums of money to strangers. Since then, his videos have evolved into shocking challenges, like not eating for 30 days or creating an actual Squid Game.

To celebrate this career-defining feat, MrBeast will of course be releasing new merchandise, made exclusively purchasable through YouTube’s live shopping feature. He also plans to release one of his most expensive videos to date on August 4, because when you’re one of the most subscribed YouTube creators, you probably have the funds to support some pretty expensive content.

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