Will America care about the January 6 hearings?

For months, the committee has hinted at these hearings and anticipated them as an important way for it to show its work to the general public. Thompson and his panel colleagues clearly want the public to pay attention. Committee member Jamie Raskin said the committee’s findings “will blow the roof off the House.”

The subjects are not much more important. We’re talking about a deadly mob attack on the Capitol after a rally in which the incumbent president warned his supporters not to have a country. Well-structured hearings can captivate the nation, just as the Watergate and Iran-Contra hearings did. But it’s also conceivable that whole swaths of the public will tune out and vote midterm without fully digesting what happened on January 6, 2021. These hearings are the committee’s best chance to tell many Americans how much how badly things went. January 6 and make them think about democracy when they go to the polls.

The News also noted that the news of the hearings comes days after news broke that Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney, is scheduled to appear before the committee in May. Giuliani has previously signaled an openness to appearing before the committee, but the question of how reliable the information he shares will be is open.

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