Why Abortion Became a Centerpiece of Democratic TV Ads in 2022

“They have a lot of bad news, and they think that’s the only good news they have,” said former Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio, who led the House Republican campaign in the election. 2018 midterms. “If they want to be a single-issue party, that’s up to them.”

If Democrats focus heavily on the abortion issue at the expense of other issues, Mr. Stivers suggested, “they’re going to get smoked on the economy, where they’re already losing ground.”

For months, Democrats have been preparing for a Republican wave this fall, driven by President Biden’s declining popularity, high gas prices and inflation, and they still face a difficult political environment. But Mr. Biden is expected to sign a sweeping package of legislation soon that addresses climate change and prescription drug prices. Additionally, gasoline prices are falling and there are at least some tentative signs of slowing inflation.

These developments, combined with the backlash from the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, have revived Democrats’ hopes of staying in power after November. True, they plan to publicize their legislative accomplishments while making further attacks on Republicans, who they say pose a threat to democracy.

For now, new Democratic abortion-focused ads are popping up nearly every day, including in Alaska, Iowa and Virginia.

Some abortion ads use the specific words and positions of Republican candidates against them. Some are told by women who speak in deeply raw and personal terms. Some are using Republicans’ inflexible stances on abortion to portray them more broadly as extremists.

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