Where Can I Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin?

With the popularity of cryptocurrency rising by the day, it’s become evident that Bitcoin is the main leader of the crypto boom that has been taking the world by storm. Chances are you’ve come across at least one person who has invested in Bitcoin in their hopes of making a profit or even holding it for the long term. The scope of cryptocurrency knows no boundaries as more companies, businesses, and franchises accept Bitcoin as a payment method. It has paved the way for many more coins that have gained traction and reputation over the years.

There’s a multitude of gift cards for Bitcoin in the market where you can buy and sell them with ease. With the ability to sell gift cards for Bitcoin, the possibilities are virtually endless as there are hundreds of websites and businesses that accept and sell gift cards. You can now get Bitcoin by selling off a gift card that you may not need or find useful. Instead, you can try to acquire Bitcoin by trading off all the gift cards or codes that are in your possession by converting it into cryptocurrency.

While there are many ways to sell gift cards for Bitcoin, we’ll give you an in-depth look and steps on what’s the best way to acquire these coveted crypto coins. So without further delay, let’s dive right in.

Through Paxful or LocalBitcoins

Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoin

One of the best ways to sell gift cards and obtain Bitcoin is through Paxful. This platform allows people from all over the world to access easy financial services, especially with cryptocurrency. Paxful works with peer to peer financing, allowing users to purchase Bitcoin in a straightforward method and also cutting off the middleman like banks or multi-corporate companies. Millions of Paxful users can vouch for the legitimacy of this platform so you can be sure that your transactions will be safe and totally secure. To begin selling gift cards for Bitcoin, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on the official Paxful website and register to get your initial Bitcoin Wallet
  • Head on the Buy section and select Bitcoin
  • Under the “Get Paid Via” section, choose Gift Cards and choose your location and form of currency. Click on Find Offers
  • Start scrolling through the list of offers and select the one that meets your requirements. You’ll also have to read the terms and conditions of the seller which you have chosen
  • Once you see an offer you want to trade with, type in the amount of Bitcoin that you want to acquire, depending on your gift cards
  • Doing so will give you chat access with the seller
  • Follow whatever steps that are required to confirm your purchase
  • Once the trade is successful, your Paxful wallet will have the Bitcoin

Another method is by using LocalBitcoins. This is also another platform where you can sell your gift cards for Bitcoin easily.

  • You’ll have to sign up on their website, which takes only a minute or so.
  • After this, choose the country and payment method, which will be Bitcoin
  • Hitting Enter will give you a list of potential buyers for your gift cards where you can trade them for Bitcoin
  • Review the list and select the buyer that meets your requirements
  • Submit your trade request by typing in the amount of Bitcoin you want
  • Click on Open a Trade to begin the trading process to acquire Bitcoins

Online Gift Card Resellers

The best way to obtain Bitcoin by selling your gift cards is through online gift card resellers. There are hundreds and thousands of people who use gift card resellers to sell their gift cards on a daily basis. These platforms are similar to the websites mentioned above as it makes trading relatively easy. It gives us a list of results of traders and also various payment methods to suit our convenience. The trades go down rather quickly and take little to no time. Most of the online gift card reselling platforms pay in cash and Cryptocurrency. So you’ll want to do a check on the legitimacy of the websites before you get into the transaction.

There are many available options on the internet for you to sell your gift cards for cash. You can use the money that has been deposited into your account to buy Bitcoins on trading platforms directly.

Mall Kiosks and Other Stores

Exchange kiosks in malls and other stores that accept gift cards for cash and Cryptocurrency is also a viable option if you want to do the transactions in person. You can use your phone browser to type in and search for the nearest kiosk that’s in your proximity or visit your local mall to locate a potential buyer for your gift cards. While looking for these options, make sure that reputable organizations or companies will accept your gift cards to avoid frauds and scams. You can also try contacting their customer care services if you have any queries regarding the method of payment and transaction fees.

There are also select stores where you can trade in your gift cards for Bitcoin. You’ll just have to do some research and see whether any stores are capable of that in your area.

Online Auctions and Classified Ads

Online auctions are also an option if you cannot use any of the above-given methods to sell your gift cards for Bitcoin. However, online auctions come with some type of risk as you cannot meet the trade partners in person, so you might not be sure whether you can trust them or not. If you’re opting for online auctions, make sure that they are people you can trust and not deal with people you do not know.

Classified ads are also a viable option if you know the person you are dealing with. Look for ads on the internet where they will buy your gift cards in exchange for Bitcoins at a reasonable price.

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