What to know about the rise of Tucker Carlson

Fox daytime reporters discerned a trend that audiences didn’t like: segments featuring Fox’s own reporters, stories deemed unfavorable to Mr. Trump, left-leaning or independent guests. Immigration, on the other hand, was a success.

The network’s executives commissioned such coverage of illegal immigrants or non-white Americans caught up in crime or violence that some employees referred to it by an ominous nickname: “brown menace.”

A series of segments in 2018 about the horrific killings of farmers in South Africa, which Mr Carlson said were part of a campaign by that country’s black-led government to seize land owned by whites, sparked a rare high-level dispute within Fox.

Brian Jones, then president of Fox Business Network and the highest-ranking black man in Fox management, told senior executives that Mr. Carlson’s coverage had been ripped from far-right sites and that almost everything what Mr. Carlson said on air was wrong. But Mr. Jones was dismissed and the coverage continued. Mr Trump tweeted that his administration would “closely investigate” the seizure of white-owned land and the “large-scale murder of farmers”. Far-right figures and neo-Nazis applauded the propaganda stunt.

Later that year, Fox reporters discovered another cause for concern. A chart uploaded to the company’s new employee portal showed a controversial figure named Peter Brimelow – founder of the nativist website VDare – reporting directly to Rupert Murdoch. Employees who asked about his apparent role at Fox were told that Mr. Brimelow was helping with Mr. Murdoch’s memoir – a project most people thought their boss had abandoned in the 1990s – or writing memoirs. speech, or was attached to another Murdoch initiative. The painting quickly disappeared. A Fox spokeswoman said Mr Brimelow currently has no relationship with the company.

Mr. Carlson’s popularity among viewers allowed him to fend off criticism outside of Fox and shut down those inside, from news anchors to junior employees who objected to his rhetoric.

After an on-air spat with Mr Carlson in 2019 over the impeachment inquiry and Mr Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukrainian officials, Shepard Smith was reportedly warned against any criticism of his fellow host . He left Fox in October.

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