What is double chance betting and how does it work – Guide 2022

There are many forms of betting in the betting industry like live betting, spread betting, light money, esports betting and many more. One of the advantages of all is the double chance bet.

The bet is where you place your speculation on two options instead of one. It’s like answering a multiple-choice question with three options and removing one, leaving you with only two options. This reduces the risk of the third option. This is a rather simplified version of how double chance betting works.

What is the meaning of double chance bets?

What is double chance betting and how does it work
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The double chance bet is an advantageous betting option that allows you to remove a chance, thus increasing the chances of a winning bet. So there are a total of three outcomes for any game. The one where the one you bet on wins, the one where the opposing side wins, the one where nobody wins.

In double chance betting, the bet is placed on two options, whether the favorite team wins by adding with a draw, or the opposing team wins and a draw. Either way, victory is somehow reliable and certain. This is what makes the bet one of the most advantageous.

You apply this bet when you have estimated two events and are certain that one of the two could occur. Suppose there is a football match between Liverpool and Chelsea. The two are an equal match. But if you favor Liverpool and place your bets on it, it’s a one off bet. When you bet that Liverpool will win or the match will end up being a draw, you are placing a double chance bet. For expert and specialist advice, visit https://allbets.tv/.

Now, if Liverpool win, the bet is yours. If the game ends without a winner, the bet is yours. But if Chelsea win, you lose the bet. So, you are here participating in safe and low stakes betting. The chance of one option becoming true is less than two options becoming true. This is the key concept behind double chance betting

There is yet another form of double chance betting where bets are placed on two wins. There is no option for a draw. You bet on Liverpool or Chelsea winning. But if the match somehow ends in a tie, you will lose the bet. This one in general terms is called the 12 bets.

Results of a double chance bet

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The double chance bet can have three outcomes.

  • This bet mentions when your bet is on the home team or the one you prefer and the other is the possibility of a draw. You win the bet when one of the two events comes true. You lose when the winner is the other team in front.
  • The second type of double chance bet is to bet on the opposing team and favor it to win. This option is added with teams having a draw. Here you win when the opposing team wins and when the match is drawn.
  • This option is open when placing bets on both teams. You lose when the game meets the draw.

How does the double chance bet work?

What is double chance betting and how does it work.webp
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Betting on two outcomes always comes with a return. For punters new to betting, this is one of the winning tips they get from seniors.

1. Team with an advantage

You need to select a team that you think has a higher chance of winning in the sport. This shouldn’t just be a guess, but rather backed up by comprehensive research. Randomly guessing the strongest player could make you lose the bet.

2. Professional advice

When you’re a new player, experienced advice can be a big help. This gives you insight into who is the strongest player. You can also listen to their incidents, giving the learning that a newcomer should receive. They provide daily advice that can allow you to build promising strategies.

3. Watch out for the opposing team

When looking for the strongest player, don’t lose sight of the opposing team as well. You might favor one team more than the other, but the opposing team might perform better, which could cause you to lose the bet. Although knowing the performance of a team faced can be difficult, a small overview would be enough to make an estimate.

4. Double chance is limited to certain sports

Sports like hockey and football have a higher chance of receiving these bets. Double chance bets do not work for all sports. For other sports, you might as well apply the single bet for maximum value.

Advantages and disadvantages of double chance bets

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Here are some pros and cons of taking a double bet in a sport.


1. Reduces risk and improves the possibility of winning

This double option bet increases the bettor’s chances of winning. This reduces the risks involved and increases the chances of success. Mathematically speaking, the odds of winning a game with three potential outcomes is 33%. When you take a double chance bet, the probability reaches 66%.

2. Advantage of 2 bets

A bet can give you two probable results. This is the main characteristic of the double chance bet. As the name suggests, you will have double chances. You reduce the three possibilities to two and you have fifty-fifty chances of succeeding.

With such bets, you just need to predict which team has a slight advantage. If known, the other may be selected as a draw even if the other team outscores.


1. Requires a better understanding of teams

To identify which team might end up with the most scores, proper analysis is required. You can’t just guess your bets when there’s money at stake. You have to spend a lot of effort and time to figure out which team has had the most wins, which has played well, which has the best players, etc.

2. Negligible benefits

Double chance bets are not very profitable. You might win the best when there is not much money at stake to win such bets.


When you bet on two out of three, you are ahead. It decreases your risk and allows the prospect of success to increase. With the right plan and the right method, double chance betting can lead to you winning. There are a few downsides to this type of bet. But the bottom line is that betting is about taking risks. It’s a promising bet that could offer a sure win.

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