Wendy Williams teases her new podcast!

Last month marked the end of an era when “The Wendy Williams Show” officially came to an end after 13 seasons. However, it looks like the legendary host is already looking beyond her talk show and gearing up for her next business venture. Recently wendy williams took to social media to tease her upcoming podcast.

Under a new Instagram handle, Wendy teased “The Wendy Experience Podcast” and shared posts of herself expressing her excitement.

She shared a short video clip and said,

“Doing a show, not a TV show Sorry, it’s a WENDY EXPERIENCE! STAY TUNED! »

She also shared a photo and said, “When one door closes, a BIGGER one opens! Last day on SET! »

As previously reported, the final and final episode of “The Wendy Williams Show,” aired June 17, and Wendy was not present for the final broadcast. Over the past week, fans have noticed that the talk show’s YouTube channel, Instagram account, and official website have been taken down. The removal of the show’s social platforms has upset some fans.

A roommate said: “Smh… it’s like they’re erasing it. Another person said, “They’re overdoing it, why do they have to take it all off?” »

Wendy didn’t speak after her talk show’s final episode aired, however, fans were waiting for Wendy to make her official comeback.

Roommates, are you looking forward to Wendy Williams’ new podcast?

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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