We could have done a better job holding water companies to account, admits ex-Ofwat boss

Ofwat could have done a better job of holding water companies accountable for leaks and other problems, admitted a former member of the regulator’s board.

Christine Farnish, who was part of Ofwat’s management from 2014 to 2020, told LBC that Ofwat should have forced water companies to do a “tougher job” of tackling leaks and providing better service to the public. audience.

“Looking back, it’s very easy to say that more should have been done,” she said.

“At the time, Ofwat thought it was a lot and it would never be perfect to have an essential monopoly public service system in the private sector with all these incentives that go with it and trying to make it regulate from afar when you’ve got ‘I didn’t get perfect information.’

“The regulator’s job is not easy. However, I’m sure a better job could have been done over the years to hold these companies to account and make them do a harder job of what’s essential – providing the public with clean water in an efficient way. , without wasting it on things like leaks. »

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