Watch vegan activists hold a protest inside Harrods

A video has gone viral after a group of vegan activists were filmed pouring milk on the floors of Harrods.

The protest was led by the activist group ‘Animal Rebellion’ who, on their Twitter, say their aim is ‘to stop the supply of dairy products’.

In the post, the organization wrote: “Animal Rebellion disrupted Harrods by pouring bottles of milk on the floor.”

They said the reason for the protest at the luxury department store was “Because we are in an animal and climate emergency”.

Watch vegan activists hold a protest inside Harrods

In the clip posted by the group, you see a group of activists approach open fridges in the department store’s food hall before opening the bottles and pouring them onto the tiled floor.

One member said: “We are about to go to Harrods to pour all the milk on the floor to make it clear that milk is destructive to the planet and cruel to animals.”

In front of the flow, a sign similar to the yellow “wet floor” sign has been placed, but instead reads “Attention, climate crisis. Dairy or death”.

As the group pours the milk, a Harrods employee walks up to them and asks “why are you doing this” while mentioning security.

In the next clip, the group stops pouring milk, with security now leading them outside, one member being dragged away while another is lying on the ground, refusing to move.

However, the protest has created backlash with social media users writing ‘You think being destructive will get you anywhere’.

Another posted: “This only makes more people angry with animal activists. It’s completely disrespectful to the workers. It does not affect the business in any way. By buying the milk, you support the dairy industry. I don’t see the point in that.”

But many are backing the group’s protest with one user saying, “You guys are just awesome” and another writing, “I love it.”

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