Watch pH-1 Embrace His Darkness in ‘Mr Bad

Inspired by his life experiences, Korean-American rapper pH-1 confronts his demons in his latest single, “Mr Bad.” Starring South Korean rapper Woo, the single is confirmed as part of his upcoming album which will be released approximately three years after his 12-track record. Halo.

Co-written by the artists alongside Sumin, “Mr Bad” is a grunge hip-hop single describing pH-1’s outlook and experiences with “parties, booze, or just friends.” According to a press release, the rapper was “inspired by his experience of how being bad can be good”; a reflection of which can be felt in the chorus as he raps, “Doin’ bad bad things but it feel so good.” Although he knows he’s trapped among the wrong crowd of people, pH-1 recognizes this situation as part of life – a necessary encounter that makes life a mix of good and bad experiences.

In tune with the energy of the single, the music video shows pH-1 performing at a chaotic warehouse party. As the video unfolds, the rapper wanders around different corners of the area just before laying down on the ground surrounded by flyers with “Mr Bad” taped to them.

The year 2021 has been particularly eventful for the rapper. Her single “365 & 7” featuring Jamie topped the Korean charts. In October, he featured in back-to-back releases, including indigo la End’s “Love,” Raiden’s “Golden,” and Ramengvrl’s “Ain’t No MF.” In December, pH-1 collaborated with singer-songwriter Hoody on “Lately,” marking their second collaborative project following 2018’s Woogie-produced single “Communicate.”

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