Watch Josh Hawley run for his life, Looney Tunes style

As has been the case for the previous seven hearings, Thursday evening’s January 6 hearing delivered a series of bombshells about what exactly Donald Trump was doing — or, more specifically, not doing — during the hours during which the rest of the country watched the rioters. stormed into the Capitol and attempted to unravel democracy as we know it. But the only time everyone spoke, tweeted and laughed out loud in the room belonged to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley.

Hawley made his pro-coup stance clear on the day of the Capitol Riots when he appeared to greet the rioters with his brotherly salute – a moment he was once so proud of that he had it printed on a cup. But last night we saw what happened after his fake badass stance: When Hawley learned that rioters had breached the Capitol, he and his soul ‘dipped in dog shit’ fled like a Looney Tunes character.

If there had been women, children, or infirm people in his path, he would most likely have dismissed them without hesitation. It didn’t take long for Twitter to react.

And they react again this morning:

And while Twitter is generally known as a place where people like to argue, millions of people seemed to have the same idea: putting Hawley’s Forrest Gump imitation to music, with more than one person hearing the Benny Hill theme. Show.

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