Washington is gung-ho for a new cold war. But that’s a bad old idea.

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As China launched live-fire military drills off the coast of Taiwan, simulating a true ‘reunification by force’ operation following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ceremonial visit to the island last week Lately, bipartisan fervor for a new Cold War with China and Russia has taken a bigger hold in Washington.

“Leaders of both parties” Job reports columnist Josh Rogin, “understand that the United States has a duty and an interest in…repelling America’s adversaries in Europe and Asia”. The United States has shown it can take on both China and Russia, he adds. The Senate voted 95 to 1 to add Sweden and Finland to NATO. The Taiwan Invasion Prevention Act enjoys bipartisan support. And politicians from both parties rushed to give the Pentagon even more money than it asked for.

The Cold War is America’s comfort zone. We won the last. We wear white hats. It is democracy against authoritarianism. And we have the biggest and best army. Who could object?

Read the full Katrina Chronicle here.

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