Walmart Gift Card Activation – Check Balance

Walmart gift cards are a great way to send gifts to your family and friends. To send a gift card to your loved ones, you will have to add money by using your email address and entering the gift card number. You can use Walmart gift cards in any Walmart stores or Sam’s Club locations in the U.S or Puerto Rico. You can also use it online at and

Walmart Gift Card Check Balance

You can check your Walmart gift card balance at a Walmart store, online, or toll-free number, which you will find on the card.

Walmart Gift Card Activation

The following information is required to know your Walmart gift card balance:

  • Gift card number
  • 3-digit security code
  • Expiration date
  • Walmart Gift Card Activation

To start purchasing with a Walmart gift card, you will have to activate it if your gift card value is over $250. But if your gift card is under $250, there is no need for activation. You can immediately use it to purchase items.

However, for security reasons, if the gift card is over $250 or purchase of more than 25 cards, it should be activated before you start spending. When a gift card is purchased, or an order is placed, the email and the password and activation instructions are sent to the given email address set by the buyer.
There are also several options to activate a Walmart gift card: online, through a toll-free phone number, or at a Walmart store. Or also, you can contact customer service at [email protected] for activation.

Walmart Gift Card Activation

At the store – You can activate the gift card at any store or location wherever applicable. Once you purchase an item at the store with the card, it automatically gets activated. You can also ask the cashier if the gift card is appropriately activated, or the cashier can also provide you with an activation receipt for confirmation.

Online – Open your email and follow the URL which is sent to you from Walmart. Enter your ID number, PIN, and activation code from the email. Once the activation code is used, your card will automatically get activated.

By phone – In the email or on the card, you will find a toll-free number that you can call to activate your gift card. Also, not all cards have a PIN no, so it doesn’t have to worry you. Hold the card with you when making a call for easy access.

Walmart Gift Registry

Walmart’s gift registry center is a helpful tool making it easier for people to find gifts for each other. By creating a registry, you’ll be able to choose products from the extensive collection and add them to your list.

  • To create a registry, search ‘registry’ on the search bar
  • Tap on events to create a new registry
    Add all the necessary information about the event, including the location where you want them to send you gifts
  • Add items to your registry
  • And you can share them through email or Facebook

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