US Navy implements ‘voice codes’ with bizarre pronoun training

Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily reacted to the Navy’s new gender pronoun training video, which features two people explaining the formalities of using pronouns correctly, introducing themselves as ‘he/him’, ‘she/she’ and ‘ they/them”.

Posobiec, himself a former Navy intelligence officer, expressed disbelief at the video, saying he thought it was something out of a sketch show like SNL.

“Gee,” Posobiec began. “I would like to be in the navy. Boy, the Navy has changed a lot since I got out. I have to tell you, watching videos like this, I thought… When [my producers] first showed me this US Navy video, I thought it was a parody. I thought, is this SNL or MadTV or some skit where they make fun of the Navy?… No, no. It’s true. This is reality, this is real life. Embrace the sucking,” he said.

“So you have these two people – I don’t even know who they are. Are they actors, are they teachers or experts in some way? But don’t put the blame on the other person’… These are speaking codes, okay? Cut the crap. It’s an enforced speech code, not just in the United States, that’s ultimately where they want to go, but they want to cross the entire US Navy,” Posobiec said.

Yuri Bezmenova high-ranking ex-soviet defector warned of “semantic manipulation of the population, or word pollution”, whereby “the normal true sense of words and traditionally accepted meanings are gradually replaced by Orwellian-like substitutes, partially or totally opposed to reality”, as described in the notes from his famous lecture on Subversion.

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