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Payments for the benefit, as well as for the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) and State pensions could be reduced or suspended if the competent service is not informed. This could apply even if a person only stays in the hospital for one night.

Government figures show that more than 20 million people across the UK are claiming benefits or a state pension.

Thousands of other Britons are also claiming disability benefits such as PIP and Attendance Allowance.

Claimants must notify the office paying their benefits as soon as they are hospitalized for one or more nights.

They will also need to notify the office if they are entering a nursing home or rehabilitation center for one or more nights.

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A person must also inform the office if they will miss a Jobcentre Plus appointment because they are hospitalized or have a medical appointment.

A friend or relative can contact the DWP if the applicant is unable to do so.

When contacting the DWP, a person must provide their full name, date of birth, national insurance number and contact details for their partner, if they are part of the application.

People calling on behalf of a friend or relative will also need to provide the person’s contact information.


Recipients of PIP or Disability Living Allowance can contact the Disability Services Centre.

Applicants for Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance and Housing Benefit can contact Jobcentre Plus.

People receiving Child Benefit must inform the Child Benefit Office if their child is hospitalized or hospitalized for more than 12 weeks.

Recipients of bereavement allowance and carer’s allowance should also contact the DWP if they need to be hospitalized.

Phone numbers are available on the government website.

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