Twitter permanently bans James Lindsay

A note from Twitter at the bottom states that the suspension is permanent and informs Lindsay that any new accounts created by him would also be suspended.

The tweet that got Lindsay suspended read “Okay child sexualization specialist.” Lindsay had already been banned from her account in July after tweeting “ok, groomer” to a Media questions journalist.

Lindsay was previously suspended in June for tweeting “ok, groomer” to Media Matters reporter Ari Drennen.

Drennen had claimed that the Daily Caller maliciously used a photo of teenagers holding a Pride flag.

Believing Drennan’s comments were an unfair juxtaposition, Lindsay replied to his tweet with the words “ok groomer”, which resulted in a 12-hour suspension for “hateful conduct”.

The post-millennium contacted Lindsay for a comment, to which he said, “Twitter inconvenienced me and simultaneously confessed that they had a vested interest in protecting the sexualization of children. It also suggests the possibility of an untoward relationship between Twitter and Media Matters, which merits investigation. I’m glad they drew so much attention to the issue, anyway. It has to stop. We must protect our children.

Lindsay was also suspended from her account in May after tweeting “misleading” information about COVID vaccines.

The tweet, which would have triggered the lockdown, was a retweet from doctor-researcher and author Eric Topol, who posted a graph and study on the effects of ‘long COVID’. Lindsay said the scientific name for “long covid is vaccine injury”.

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