Twitter censors James Lindsay’s use of ‘Groomer’ days after media demands it

This human events series will be a weekly feature to shine a light on social media activity between those who claim to be part of the “diversity and tolerance” crowd.

Each week we’ll take a look at some of the happenings in the world of social media. While the big traditional platforms are quick to silence conservative voices, even for factually correct posts, they seem to let others say whatever they want, no matter how mean.


Dr James Lindsay was temporarily banned from his Twitter account this week for calling a Media questions the ‘groomer’ reporter, just two days after the outlet published a hit article calling on Twitter to ban the use of the phrase altogether – specifically citing Lindsay as a ‘far-right’ author who self- saying the term to “smear” the LGBTQ community.

The piece also singled out Chaya Raichik, who runs the popular Libs of TikTok Twitter account, as well as a similar account called “Gays versus groomers.Indeed, Lindsay and the other accounts in question have popularized the use of the term “groomer” to refer to those who seek to condition children into certain sexualities and indoctrinate them into a radical gender ideology.

“Author and mathematician Dr James Lindsay was banned from Twitter on Thursday for responding to a Media questions the journalist’s tweet with the words “ok groomer”” The post-millennium reports.

“James Lindsey [sic] got suspended from Twitter for calling me a groomer lmaoooo,” Media Matters reporter Ari Drennen boasted on Twitter after Lindsay was banned. Drennen added.

The Trevor Project is a child sex reassignment advocacy group, which also happens to be finance by the creators of Lupron, a drug given as a “puberty blocker” to “transgender” children. It’s often characterized by members of the media as a “suicide prevention” organization, based on the mistaken assumption that child sex reassignments and “gender affirming” care obtained without parental approval are ways to prevent teen suicide .

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