Try KFC’s Jack Harlow meal, available June 6

Two of Kentucky’s top exports team up for — what else? — a delicious meal of fried chicken. That’s right: Jack Harlow is bringing his own Kentucky Fried Chicken combo meal to the famous fast-food chain, complete with limited-edition packaging (featuring Harlow’s face on the side of the cup, of course) and a little KFC on the rapper poster theme. The meal will be available from June 6 across the country.

“When KFC asked me to create my own meal, I knew it couldn’t be just any meal,” Harlow said in a KFC press release announcing the collaboration. He spent time at KFC’s headquarters in Louisville, KY, sampling the chain’s entire menu (yes, I’m jealous) before making his selections, and he says the meal combines his “childhood favorites” with a new essential sandwich. So, on to the good (finger-licking) stuff. (I promise this is the last time I’ll use this line.) Here’s what you’ll eat if you order KFC’s Jack Harlow Meal:

  • KFC Spicy Chicken Sandwich
  • Cheese macaroni
  • French fries secret recipe
  • Ranch side
  • Lemonade

Harlow and KFC will also launch a range of co-branded products available while supplies last.

Harlow announced the collaboration on Instagram and posted the new commercial ad, writing that he had “always dreamed of being Kentucky’s greatest upcoming artist.” Now I’m teaming up with @KFC, the biggest brand to come out of Kentucky. For next year, we will do great things together. He’s not just talking about the food collaboration: In the same post, Harlow announced that he and KFC would “donate $250,000 to @americanredcross to support relief efforts” in the wake of the deadly tornadoes. of Kentucky in December 2021.

If you’re a Harlow and/or KFC fan, keep an eye out — this powerful partnership is expected to last a full year, so we’ll see what’s brewing in Kentucky.

Try KFCs Jack Harlow meal available June 6

Image source: KFC

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