Trump 2024: crushing the establishment

Since the end of Trump’s first term, I’ve wondered — first to myself, then later to a small circle of colleagues and confidants — whether or not Trump should run in 2024. I firmly believe that if the 2020 election had been played under 2016 rules, which Donald J. Trump would head into the midterms of his second term. Alas, using COVID as cover, Democrats across the country changed the rules — often by executive order — and we had an unprecedented election with almost no guardrails.

Each of the changes made to the way we vote, to the way we protect (or don’t protect) against voter fraud, each of these changes was made to help Biden. In this effort they were not alone, the legacy media did not lift a finger to scrutinize Biden and big tech worked hand in hand with the legacy media to crush the Hunter Biden story (a story which would have been an electoral earthquake guaranteeing Trump’s re-election victory if it had been covered fairly and accurately).

So, like many Trump supporters, I was and am absolutely furious about 2020. However, like many other Trump supporters I know, I wondered if Trump was just too polarizing to win in 2024, too despised by the media, too toxic to win over voters. disgusted with the failures of the Biden administration.

I wondered if it was time to turn to someone else? Perhaps it was time for a DeSantis to step in and for Trump to step back as CEO of the movement and become more of the chairman of the board.

After these last few weeks, I am absolutely convinced that Trump should and must run in 2024. Trump must run to finish what he started, Trump must run to crush the Republican establishment.

Trump’s 2016 nomination represented a complete rejection of much of what the GOP stood for — the Romney/Ryan party, the party of anti-gay bigotry, the party of trade surrender, the big cat party of Wall Street and the Perpetual War Party has received a dramatic overhaul.

Trump won the nomination — and then the presidency in 2016 — by offering voters something different. He came to power as the first president to support marriage equality, and Trump, the businessman, had long supported gay and lesbian rights in America.

He came to power promising to end the foreign adventurism of the Cheney/McCain neocons – to stop sending Americans to die for wars we didn’t care about.

He came to power promising to end the era of unbridled free trade that had decimated America’s manufacturing base. He came to power promising to end the flow of cheap labor supported by the Chamber of Commerce across our southern border. He came to power promising to make the GOP the party of the working class, not of Wall Street.

In short, he won the nomination and the presidency by promising to crush the GOP establishment that had become rich, fat and happy at the expense of working-class Americans.

In his effort to crush the establishment, he has made tremendous strides, the GOP of 2022 bears little resemblance to the GOP of 2012 — and that’s a good thing. But daily, weekly, monthly, we see more and more cracks in the America First veneer of the GOP.

The establishment was not destroyed. Some members of the establishment bent the knee to Trump, others slipped into the dark, but don’t think for a minute that the establishment is gone.

Without Trump in the White House, the GOP neocons began to shake their swords – demanding that we fund the war in Ukraine and risk open combat with nuclear power.

The Puritans on the Mike Pence wing of the party want to take us back to the bad old days of the losing end of the culture wars. Rather than focusing on the fight against CRT and radical gender theory – positions supported by the vast majority of Americans – they want to return to the demonization of American gays and lesbians.

The establishment has only just begun its efforts to tear down what Trump has built – to tear down the multiracial, multiethnic, working-class coalition that Trump has built.

Only one person can finish what Trump started, only one person can permanently defeat the GOP establishment and ensure that Trump’s America First agenda and his electoral coalition are protected.

Only Donald J. Trump.

I don’t care if a trump presidential race motivates the left, I don’t care if it turns off soccer moms, what’s the point of electing a Republican if that Republican takes us back to the bad old GOP days pre -Trump?

President Trump is our only hope of permanently crushing the GOP establishment. Nothing is more important.

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