Travis Scott Foundation offers $1 million in scholarships to HBCU seniors

“Waymon Webster was Dean of the Prairie View A&M graduate school. My grandfather wanted me to do it until college, I think there is power in education, so to be able to give someone the opportunity to achieve this dream like my father thought for me, it’s amazing,” Travis said.

Travis Scott’s sister talks about her brother’s contribution and running the fund

This is the second year in a row that the foundation has provided funds to senior HBCU graduates. The scholarship fund is part of the foundation’s mission to provide “access to education.” Travis’ sister, Jordan Webster, is said to be spearheading this goal, per PEOPLE. She works as a project manager for the scholarship fund.

Moreover, she can relate to these students given that she is a graduate of you Howard University last week.

“I personally know how important my grandfather’s academic legacy at HBCUs is to my entire family, to Travis, as well as to my twin brother Josh who is at Prairie View A&M University and now, to 100 people that Travis was able to help. at a difficult time,” Jordan said in a statement. “It means the world to me to be able to work with my brother as he creates hope and makes a real difference for our peers and their families. »

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