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bleach spent three years creating his new album.

Indeed, when he launched it, the world had yet to explore the lockdowns, the pandemic and the huge disruptions that followed.

Gradually working on his sound, Launder signed to Ghostly, before concentrating on the LP.

Released on July 15, “Happening” contains shadows of shoegaze and bursts of dream pop, a haunting and hypnotic feast of reverb-soaked melody.

The new single “Become” exemplifies Launder’s broadening outlook, featuring a select group of collaborators.

The shimmering guitar lines were brought to life alongside pals Jackson Phillips (Day Wave), Zachary Cole Smith (DIIV) and of course, Soko, who takes on lead vocals.

“It’s the most collaborative track on the album,” says Launder. “I couldn’t have made this song what it is on my own. »

Soko reveals, “’Becoming’ is about being stuck in situations where you know you deserve better, but it still drags you down. And you know deep down that to become your best self, you have to break through thick layers of old, untangling patterns and live with intention Become the majestic lion that you know you are… It’s also about the duality of anxiety: being stuck between feeling small and wanting to break free.

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“Happening” will be released on July 15.

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