‘Thor: The Ending of Love and Thunder, Explained

This story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Let’s put that aside. Of course, Chris Hemsworth has probably gotten bigger every two years since he started filming. Thor over a decade ago. He is also one of the last remaining members of the OG Avengers, i.e. the crew who fought his fictional brother, Loki, in 2012. The Avengers. But the man isn’t pulling a Tom Holland and flirting with his superhero alter ego’s break, and/or acting entirely.

“I will keep coming back more and more until someone kicks me off the stage, you know,” Hemsworth said. in addition in June. “My whole career has been based on me playing this character and coming back over and over and playing him with different directors and different actors has been an absolute joy. “Looks like a guy who’s down for Thor 37: The Battle for Olympus. That said, seeing how Thor: Love and Thunder– which debuts in theaters this weekend – ends, we should discuss whether or not we will see a fifth solo Thor adventure sooner rather than later. Or, if we spot the God of Thunder in another Marvel cutscene Adventure universe entirely.

love and thunder ends with Thor and Jane Foster / The Mighty Thor successfully convincing Gorr the God Butcher to do the right thing: wish his daughter back to life, instead of killing all the gods in the universe. Foster dies – more on her later – leaving Thor as the de facto adoptive father of Gorr’s daughter, whom he calls love. Hey, she has superpowers too! Who would have thought. We’re left to think that Thor and Love live happily ever after, bashing bad guys in New Asgard, side by side. Sweet, right? You know Marvel won’t leave Thor alone for long.

In love and thunderIn the post-credits scene, a very offended Zeus is seen sending his son, Hercules (played by Ted Lassoof Brett Goldstein) to fight Thor. The configuration is quite clear: the love and thunderThe sequel to will be a Thorified Clash of the Titanswhere we witness a large-scale battle Between the gods. Elsewhere in the MCU, we know that Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror (and his various variants) is lurking, ready to crush the Avengers. Additionally, Disney+ Secret Wars tease another avengers-esque gathering of our favorite heroes. We will see Hemsworth’s Thor again, no doubt. The credits tell us as much. It’s just a matter of whether we’ll see it first in the next one. avengers film, Secret WarsWhere Thor 5. Hey, we might even see Love join the Young Avengers, which Marvel seems to be setting up.

As for Thor’s pals, lovers, and acquaintances? Well, you can bet all of the surviving heroes, primarily Valkyrie and Korg, will return to the superhero playground one day. It’s been a hot minute since Hemsworth shared the screen with Tom Hiddleston, although we’re unlikely to see the God of Thunder in Loki Season Two. Marvel probably saves the big reunion for the big battle against Kang. As for Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster? The end credits scene Is show that she is out there, somewhere in the paradise of Valhalla. You can’t pass up Marvel on bringing her back from the dead, if only for another round as The Mighty Thor. We would be fine with that.

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