The star ingredient of your summer!

The rising mercury, the activity in the courtyard and the tantalizing aromas of grilled meats on the barbecue herald the return of frozen pleasures and shared meals on the terrace.

This season, break the routine, amaze the gallery and satisfy all appetites with the summer edition of the PC Finds newspaper, the star ingredient of your summer!

With more than 100 new products, recipes and tips to enhance your meals, it will certainly find its place in your shopping cart during a visit to Provigo and Maxi, or it will be one of your favorite sites after consulting its virtual edition on lechoixdupresident .ca/journalfinds.

refreshing ideas

The star ingredient of your summer!

Courtesy: President’s Choice

In order to offer more original and tasty delicacies to Quebecers, the President’s Choice brand is constantly innovating and promises to embellish your most beautiful moments of summer with a host of products featuring divinely developed seasonal flavors.

Flavors that kick in with the first refreshments that kick off the festivities, including PC Pomegranate Lemonade and PC Dealcoholized Sauvignon Blanc wine served chilled.

In addition, PC Raspberry and Hibiscus Ice Pops revisit a great classic loved by young and old, both fruity and floral, to cool off under the sun or end a meal on an iced note, which is also offered by the Tarte à PC Double Chocolate Cream.

Satisfy all appetites

The star ingredient of your summer!

Courtesy: President’s Choice

When the barbecue is smoking, it’s time to put the Salmon on cedar plank maple and PC soy sauce. Already brushed with maple syrup and placed on a pre-soaked cedar plank, just cook it on the barbecue grill to amaze your guests every time!

And if any of them prefer plant-based foods, President’s Choice has developed two veggie burgers that will make even the most diehard meat-lovers salivate. These are the PC Chickpea & Sweet Potato Falafel Veggie Burger and the PC Black Bean Veggie Burger, both plant-based.

Gourmet getaway

The star ingredient of your summer!

Courtesy: President’s Choice

No need to resist the call to travel during the holidays, the dishes inspired by international cuisines, signed the President’s Choice, reserve small gourmet escapades without leaving its terrace.

PC Kefta Beef Meatballs burst the flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine and are great with pita and tzatziki, falafel style.

For easy taco night, the PC Korean Taco Kit includes the popular PC Seoul Memories Gochujang Chili Sauce, PC Korean BBQ Taco Seasoning Mix, and 12 medium flour tortillas.

And to add a little spice to your summer feasts, invite PC Hot Peppers to your table!

The summer edition of PC Finds journal and the shelves of your favorite Maxi or Provigo store are overflowing with other innovative and exquisite products to bite into the summer! Spot them when you’re shopping, dare to make new recipes and cook up a summer full of discoveries.

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