The lives and dreams of American women are now in the hands of Brett Kavanaugh

Less than four years ago, a tearful and angry Brett Kavanaugh, hours after being confirmed for a lifetime appointment to America’s most powerful judicial body, vowed to someday take revenge on how he had been wronged. “You’ve sown the wind,” he told Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee. “The country will reap the storm. »

I doubt he imagined that his opportunity to stick with the people he believed had wronged him would come so quickly.

On Monday evening, Politico released details of a leaked draft Supreme Court opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the case that is set to undermine nearly half a century of case law. For the roughly 73 million American women who are women of childbearing age (and the millions who ostensibly don’t care), the news is not good.

“We hold that deer and Casey must be overturned,” wrote Judge Samuel Alito, a longtime foe of reproductive freedom. It is the first time in the court’s history that a draft decision has been leaked. If anyone with Susan Collins levels of ignorance needed a definitive sign that the court had gone the partisan cartoonish way of the other two branches of the federal government, this was it. Alito could have penned his draft opinion in pencil on the back of an invitation to a Federalist Society movie night brochure and been only a little more obvious.

There’s a lot to blame for where we find ourselves today. Most of the blame (or, from their point of view, “credit”) goes to the right-wing fanatics who have been working in this direction since the Reagan administration. If the fight against deer were a person, they would be old enough to be nearing the end of their childbearing years, if not past them.

But we can’t talk about credit and blame without acknowledging the non-efforts of self-proclaimed, self-preserving Democrats and moderates who haven’t taken the threat against deer seriously enough, or didn’t care enough to put together an organized, strategic, long-term plan to save it beyond crafting fundraising email subject lines that gave donors felt like $10 would make a difference in “the fight.” Please say: What fucking fight?

At the same time this news broke, my Instagram feed was a veritable museum of contemporary privilege as the mega-rich – from the Kardashians to Hillary Clinton – walked the Golden Age-themed Met Gala red carpet in an exhibition that seemed borderline obscene. Blake Lively appeared wearing a dress reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty! How very! I’m sure once they’ve all finished their official event, Anna Wintour’s favorite liberal celebs will find time to post how terrible it is before getting back to their important job of promoting fame.

Although Alito’s leaked opinion is still only a draft, if it were to be the court’s final decision, upon its release, abortion would immediately become illegal or restricted in at least 26 states. Agreeing with Alito’s draft opinion are four of the court’s other conservative justices — Thomas, Gorsuch, Barrett and, yes, Brett Kavanaugh, mother of whirlwinds.

Since the 2016 election, the court has swung dramatically to the right, thanks to the pre-Trump election filibuster of Mitch McConnell, the retirement of Anthony Kennedy and the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Kavanaugh now finds himself, ideologically, in the middle of things, that is to say in the 5-4 Roe vs. Wade straw poll, it’s the swing vote.

This is all very ironic, and not the “like the rain on your wedding day” kind of thing. In an editor’s note that reads: “Too much on the nose, why not try another time?” “. Kavanaugh can do the right thing for the American people (over 70% of whom don’t want deer knocked down) or he can follow through on his threat to take out his rage on people who probably couldn’t pick him out of a line of schlubby suburban dads.

Not that it makes a difference to the fait accompli, but here’s an interesting trivia: the average age of first-time mothers in the United States is 26. The average age of members of the US House of Representatives is twice that – around 58. The average age of US senators is nearly 64. The average sex is “male”. I’m racking my brains and can’t think of a comparable legislative body where young women are able to make rules that govern the reproductive capacity of older men, but I can’t think of any site apart from fantastic sites very specialized that probably require some creative googling to find.

It’s absurd that we’ve arrived at this place, even if those of us on the “this is the end of deer“Beat saw this coming even before Judge Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement out of nowhere in 2018. I’m sure when we check our inboxes tomorrow there won’t be any ‘sorry to treat you’ cards. hysterical” of the smartest shits in Washington who spent the last always telling us that our worry was exaggerated. Senator Susan Collins will still be a senator tomorrow. Kathleen Parker will always be a columnist for the Washington Post. Brian Stelter will always have a show on Les actualites.

In the Bullshit ecosystem, there are no consequences for being wrong, only rewards for doubling down.

Close the hatches.

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