The left’s obsession with “conspiracy theories”

One of the most bizarre products of the modern left is its insatiable appetite for conspiracy theories. They adamantly refuse to debate more politics, choosing instead to baselessly accuse their political opponents of legitimate political concerns and conscription as the fruit of the poison tree planted in an infamous conspiracy theory. Indeed, there is an entire cottage industry in left-wing media built around “finding” and “exposing” right-wing conspiracy theories. I almost feel bad for some of these fearless left-wing journalists who spend their days scrolling through grandmothers’ Facebook posts and diving into anonymous frog Telegram channels. Imagine losing $100,000 at J-school to be relegated to Q Anon pace.

According to the left, every person in the country who holds and/or promotes conservative political positions or even simply votes for a Republican is actually part of an underground network of conspiracy theorists.

It’s a really strange way to look at the world – to imagine that everyone who disagrees with you is not just some terrible person bent on destroying the world, but all of these people are actually part of a clandestine network of conspiracy theorists.

None of this makes sense, until you take a second to think about it. The reason the left is absolutely obsessed with the idea of ​​right-wing conspiracy theories, the reason why they think they see a conspiracy theorist lurking everywhere, is actually quite simple: it’s nothing more than a reflection of how they view politics today.

The left is determined to root out every fanciful right-wing conspiracy theory imaginable because the left is literally swimming in a toxic pool of conspiracy theories. Almost everything the left believes about Trump, the conservative movement, and America today is rooted in pile after pile of hoaxes, misinformation, lies, and conspiracy theories.

The left still believes that Russia stole the election from Hillary in 2016 – despite absolutely no evidence of this. The left still believes that Trump was – and perhaps still is – an asset to the Russian government – ​​despite a complete and utter lack of anything to back him up. The left still believes that Trump planned and executed an attempt to overthrow the government on January 6e – again without a shred of evidence to back up this claim.

It’s not just conspiracy theories about Trump, the left is deeply entrenched in conspiracy theories about virtually everything in modern politics. “The Supreme Court has been robbed! – This was not the case. “The Supreme Court is illegitimate! – just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it any less legit.

FoxNews is propaganda for white supremacists, Tucker Carlson caused the shooting in Buffalo, Stacey Abrams actually won the race for governor of Georgia, the lists go on and on.

The left’s belief that everyone on the right is secretly Q Anon is nothing more than a projection. A disturbing reflection of how conspiracy theories and outright lies have become among the modern American left.

The left’s obsession with conspiracy theories is not only morally corrosive, it sets up a scenario where half the country cannot be reasoned with.

It’s one thing to believe that women should have access to legal abortion in this country, it’s quite another thing to believe that the Supreme Court has been robbed and judges should be arrested and charged with perjury. You can debate abortion politics, maybe you can even find common ground, you can’t reason with lunatics.

Not only is it simply impossible to reason with lunatics, but the other side will never try to find common ground with conservatives as long as they believe conservatives are all part of a web of theories of nefarious plot.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, we are not entitled to our own facts. Until the left breaks away from this conspiracy theory obsession, our political system – and indeed our system of government itself – will continue to disappoint the American people.

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