The latest Liberal outrage is over… Martin’s potato rolls? – .

Martin’s Famous Potato Rolls and Bread angered leftists after it was discovered that a board member had made a private donation to Pennsylvania Governor Doug Mastriano’s Hope Campaign.

Martin’s is based in Chambersville, Pennsylvania and was established in 1955 when the family started the business baking bread in a one-car garage. He has become the supplier for other local businesses, such as Federal Donuts, and his potato buns are sold nationwide. That’s quite the American achievement, and we can’t have that, can we?

We wonder who started this “customer dismay”. We don’t know anyone else, but when we come across a good potato bun, we don’t really stop to check their politics. We also wonder how we got to the point where you can’t even get a sandwich.

Just eat, already.

Federal Donuts, another Pennsylvania-based company, decided to give in and instead use an out-of-state supplier:

Federal Donuts has found a new potato roll for its signature fried chicken sandwiches.

The Philly chicken, donut and coffee specialist is saying goodbye to Central Pennsylvania bread brand Martin’s, which it has used since the sandwiches were introduced to the menu in 2015.

Instead, the brand will begin using the Schmidt Old Tyme Potato Roll made by Baltimore-born Schmidt Baking Company. A FedNuts spokesperson confirmed the menu change at Billy Penn on Tuesday.

Martin’s released a statement early in the controversy:

We think it’s a pretty good one. What the online outrage crowd repeatedly ignores (and we deliberately suspect) is that every company has many moving parts, and controlling every employee’s beliefs is impossible, and no employer should want to. Boycotts rarely tend to hurt managers, but they will hurt the people they employ.

The boycott rallied locals to support the company:

As always, the best response to a boycott is a buycott.

And… they are really delicious.

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