The J6 committee has ‘debunked’ itself with the latest text message revelation

Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily explained how the January 6 committee had just debunked itself by revealing texts between organizer Kylie Kremer and MyPillow’s Mike Lindell.

The text message reveals that there were to be multiple speakers at a second stage by the Supreme Court and those present were expected to walk to that stage.

Posobiec began by saying sarcastically that the January 6 committee hearings revealed “some of the most fascinating images and shocking revelations that are coming out.”

“The things we learn about the depraved plot to overthrow an election set up an insurrection and a coup by the United States,” he continued, mocking the whole process. “You know, for me, honestly, it’s when President Trump goes to military bases, mustering forces and saying ‘look, you’ve sworn an oath to the constitution, but there comes a time when you have to swear an oath to me”, and when all the soldiers, you remember, they were secretly swearing allegiance to President Trump and saying “it’s time, we’re going to march on them, we’re going to arrest all the members of Congress”. Oh wait, the thing is, none of that actually happened,” he said.

Posobiec added that the January 6 committee had no real evidence of a conspiracy to commit a crime, and that the situation was just “out of control and turned into a riot.” He then turned to a piece of evidence that was used by the text communications committee between Kremer and Lindell.

” Alright Alright. Let’s look at text messages. Show me the evidence. I am a big proponent of showing me the evidence… Where is the evidence that proves your charges,” Posobiec asked.

“So we received an SMS from one of the organizers of the January 6 rally. Her name is Kylie Kremer. Famous Kylie Kremer, and she’s texting. Guys, if you listen to this at the gym, you might want to sit down, do this deadlift and do…this free squat, because it could be scary,” he joked. “She’s texting none other than the mastermind of master criminal Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow…”

“It’s heartbreaking, not for little ears,” he said before reading the text: “It stays between us only, we have a second step to the Supreme Court again after the timeskip. POTUS is going to walk us there / to the Capitol. He can’t get out of the second stage because people will try to create another one and sabotage it. He also can’t get out of the way because I’ll be in trouble with the National Park Service and all the agencies, but POTUS will just call him “unexpectedly.”

“Okay,” Posobic began. “What the Jan 6 committee just did there was actually demystify the purpose of the Jan 6 committee. The march wasn’t supposed to be a march on the capitol, it was a march, and you have to understand a map of DC, they were supposed to march in front of the capitol because there was a second stage set up with other speakers. Obviously, that didn’t happen. But the question is if you’re looking for evidence of a conspiracy, okay yeah, here it is, here’s the actual evidence of the plan, why they said they wanted people to walk down the street, and it didn’t nothing to do with the Capitol. It is linked to the fact that there was a second stage at the Supreme Court. It’s a little thing we call a clue, it’s a little thing we call exculpatory evidence,” Posobiec said.

“Just imagine this… A year and a half our government has spent on this, when we have the inflation numbers today, they are insane. The bidenflation is through the roof. They tell you it’s 9.1, it’s probably 15 or maybe even 18… Inflation on food and fuel, which should be the only things – call it the turnaround index… those are the things that really matter to Americans. This is what our government should focus on. But instead, they want to read text messages to Mike Lindell. This is what they’re spending a year and a half of your taxpayers’ money on, when inflation is going crazy, the economy is going crazy, there’s war in Eurasia, when Taiwan has no not look good, and that they want to talk about texting about a march to the Supreme Court,” he said.

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