The End of Roe c. Wade will be good for America

Let’s start with genuine anger and end with honest hope. The alarm that many have felt over the leaking of an entire draft Supreme Court decision is unlikely to dissipate in time. Such a thing never happened. The preliminary opinion of Judge Samuel Alito withdrawn from court, without permission or right, and given to the press was an act of sabotage by a vandal. It does not matter whether the donor is on the left or on the right. It reflected the same spirit as the Capitol riot of January 6: irresponsible destructiveness. As the book was thrown at the rioters, it should be thrown at the fleeing one.

Judges can’t sit back and say oh no, we’re just another victim of our time. If they have to break teacups to find out who did it, break them. Chief Justice John Roberts is understandably concerned about the court’s position. It’s the biggest threat to her since he joined. At the very least, it would be good for the judges to issue a joint statement that they are appalled by the release of the decision, do not accept it, do not approve of it.

Leaker aside, here’s what I always mean when it comes to abortion. The vast majority of human beings on both sides are quite sincere and operate from their best understanding of life. Yes, there were many people over the past 50 years who used “the problem” to accumulate money and power. But this long life tells me that the overwhelming majority of people held their views for serious reasons. They sincerely considered the prohibition of abortion as a sin against women; they sincerely considered abortion on demand a sin against life.

We must respect the opposite point of view.

And you have to respect that like a wound, the Roe vs. Wade decision never healed, never could. Josh Prager, in his prodigious history of this decision, “The Family Roe”, noted the singular fact of this decision: other decisions of the High Court which liberalized the social order – desegregation of schools, elimination of prayer in schools, interracial marriage, gay marriage – were followed by public acceptance, even when the decisions were highly unpopular. Most received overwhelming support. But no Deer. It was the exception. He never stopped shaking America. Mr. Prager: “Opposition to Roe became more hostile after its publication. »

Why? Because all other decisions were about how to live, and Roe was about death. Judge Alito seems to echo this thought in his draft opinion, which would defer the questions of legality and illegality to each state. It’s not a solution to the problem, it’s a way of managing it, democratically.

Some states, New York and California for example, have already passed their own liberal abortion laws. Some states, such as Texas and Utah, will ban most or all abortions in their jurisdiction. It will be uneven, a mess. But liberal states will have their liberal ruling, conservative states their conservative rulings, and that’s as close to solving the dilemma as we, as human beings in a huge and diverse nation, will get.

I respect and agree with Alito’s project, I didn’t think deer was correct or even logical, and came to view the decision as largely the product of human vanity. Of all the liberal jurists who have reproached him, the one who sticks in the head is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who after questioning deerThe reasoning of , in 1985, indicated that he seemed “to have provoked, and not resolved, a conflict”. It made.

I am pro-life for the most essential reason: it’s a baby in there, a human child. We cannot accept as a society — we really cannot bear the weight of that fact, which is why we continue to fight — that we have decided that we can extinguish the lives of our young people. Another reason, and perhaps it turns into mysticism, is that I believe that the fact of abortion, that it exists all over the country, that it is talked about all the time, that children grow up hearing this and absorbing it and thinking: life inside the mother here”, “it’s just cells”, that all of this has released some kind of poison into the air, that we breathed it for 50 years and it damaged everything. Including of course our policy.

This left both parts less healthy. The Democrats locked themselves into abortion as party orthodoxy, made dissenters know they were unwelcome, pushed ever more extreme measures to please their activists, and survived on huge campaign donations from the abortion industry itself. Republican politicians were often insincere on the matter, and when they were sincere, they almost never tried to explain their thinking and persuade anyone. They took for granted and secretly disrespected their pro-life groups, which the consultants regularly rocked for campaign money. They checked the “I am pro-life” box in their speeches, received applause and then talked about the deficit. They have been forgiven a lot because of their so-called stance, and this has contributed, over the past 25 years, to the drift of the party.

Abortion has warped both sides.

Advice now, especially for Republican men, if deer indeed is struck: Do not yourselves be ignorant. As you big stupid misogynists, don’t start bragging that if a woman has an illegal abortion she can be jailed. Don’t be afraid to compromise, because you can make money by keeping the abortion issue alive. I want to say “Shut your mouth”, but my mission is more rigorous. It’s having a heart. Use this time to come forward as human beings who care about women and want to give families the help they need. Align with national legislation that helps single mothers survive. Supporting women, including with cash childcare credits and not immediately attending daycare, to help mothers stay home with their babies. Shelters, parenting and life skills classes. All this exists in various forms: make them better, wider, bigger.

This is an opportunity to change your party’s reputation.

Democrats too. You received a gift and you don’t know it. You’re thinking, “Yes, we have a hot new number for 2022!” But you always attack more than you think. The gift is that if, as a national matter, the issue of abortion is removed, you could go back to a normal party. You have no idea, because you don’t respect strangers, how many people would feel free to join your party with the poison cloud scattered. You could be something like the party you were before Deer: liberal on spending and taxation, consciously the champion of working people, for peace and not war. Like you were in 1970.

Or, in the absence of the emotionally coherent issue of abortion, you can choose to align yourself more with the extremes of the culture and remain abnormal.

But the end of deer could be a historic gift for both parties, a chance to improve.

And if deer is indeed overturned, God bless our country which can make such a terrible and cold mistake and yet, half a century later, fix it, straighten it, overthrow it. Only a thinking nation could do that. Only a sensitive nation could do that. We are not dead yet, great things are still happening here.

Review and Outlook: Following the leak of a Supreme Court draft majority opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the Democratic Party sees an opportunity to divert public attention from the rising cost of living. Images: Bloomberg Composition: Mark Kelly

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