Tesco will stop sending Clubcard vouchers and statements to most customers | Money

Tesco has said it will no longer send paper Clubcard statements or vouchers to customers unless they actively tell the supermarket they wish to continue receiving them in this format.

The company makes the change from the first week of May. Any buyer who does not re-register will begin receiving statements and vouchers by email instead.

Tesco’s announcement is the latest move to steer customers away from expensive paper statements to produce and publish. Banks, utility companies and supermarkets are pushing their customers to go paperless, often to the dismay of older customers.

Tesco customers who wish to retain the paper option can do so by logging into their My Clubcard account online, clicking on ‘statement preferences’ and changing it back to ‘by post’. Users have until May 5 to do so if they wish to receive the monthly statement by mail.

Those who change their preferences after May 5 will receive their May statement and vouchers by email, but August and later statements and vouchers by mail, as before.

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