Temporarily renationalize energy companies that fail to cut their bills, says Gordon Brown

It is the latest in a string of high-profile interventions from Mr Brown, who has also called for an emergency budget ahead of the choice of the next prime minister and daily meetings of the government’s Cobra committee.

The latter idea was dismissed by Oliver Dowden, the former Tory chairman, who said: “I’m not taking huge lessons from Gordon Brown, remember he was a man who gave us a 75p raise for retirees, so he doesn’t really have a big save on that stuff.”

During an early debate, Tory leader Liz Truss compared her rival Rishi Sunak to Mr Brown and said his refusal to cut taxes immediately would lead to a recession.

Labor is set to finally present its stand on the cost of living crisis with a series of proposals next week, although Sir Keir Starmer is apparently not giving a keynote speech on the subject.

Sir Keir was criticized this week by the left of his own party for ‘not demanding enough’, with backbench MP Zarah Sultana accusing him of sending ‘the wrong signals’.

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