Telegraph readers on Dover traffic jams, train strikes and Lionesses victory over Sweden

@Matthew Christley:

“I voted Leave and I knew the following things: – Going abroad would be harder, retiring abroad would be harder and things would get more expensive.

“But I still voted Leave because it is impossible to put a price on sovereignty and independence. Illustrating these queues as a Brexit ‘failure’ is simply bad faith. It is almost entirely due to French incompetence.”

@Douglas Warren, Poole, Dorset:

“SIR – Typical of the French, cutting off their noses to upset their faces.

“Trade between countries is mutually beneficial and should be as smooth as possible. Tourists spend money in the destination country. Some of those frustrated with French inadequacies in Dover will vacation in France.

“They clearly hate us for leaving the EU, but when EU states act like this, the UK decision is understandable.”

@Telegraph Reader:

“I take the car to France half a dozen times a year, and most of the checks were cursory at best. Saying we don’t pass any more checks after Brexit is patently wrong – since every passport is now scanned and stamped, as I’ve traveled to France before without my passport and also used my driving license as ID . This is no longer possible.

Train strikes

The train strike this week has caused havoc for rail commuters across Britain after last-ditch talks failed to resolve a dispute over pay, jobs and conditions. Some readers offered alternative solutions to the railway workers’ problems and called on the government to step in and help. Meanwhile, other readers sympathized with the millions of commuters that the action will have an impact.

@Ray Keating via Front page newsletter

“Give the money to the railway workers, but the unions must agree to a radical modernization of working practices. They must also agree to some layoffs to reduce the cost of raising wages and reducing public demand.”

@GW Atkinson via Briefing Whatsapp group

“We need to speed up the introduction of automated trains and fire those who are holding the country hostage. No surrender. Unfortunately, with Boris Johnson gone, the Tories are unlikely to win the next general election. unions again.”


“The ability to work from home has killed the real ripple effect of the railway unions. The real pain is for ordinary people, the real working class who cannot work from home, vacationers and people going about their personal business. This is going to have an impact on their thoughts on unions. Either way, the railroad unions and their workers, in the long run, are strangling each other.

Lionesses win over Sweden

England’s triumph in the Women’s Euro 2022 semi-final against Sweden brought our readers praise for the outstanding performance of the Lionesses. With England’s bid for Euro glory just one game away, many readers have shared how watching the Lionesses reignited their love of the game and converted them to women’s football.

@Jack Hawley:

“A fantastic game – full of skill, competitive on every part of the pitch and superbly entertaining.

“Well done England (and Sweden) – you have a convert – I will be following women’s football much more closely after this tournament.

“Can’t wait for the final.

@Douglas Green:

“Watching the Lionesses made me appreciate a game that I didn’t enjoy and actively avoided for decades. An excellent job well done. It’s probably 50/50 on the players and the fans, because that’s what made it so enjoyable for me. Delightful and enthusiastic fans chanting positive and uplifting chants. A huge advantage is also the cost of accessing these games. We only paid £30 for two adults and two children to watch.

@Mark Richards:

“Congratulations to England. Brilliant performances in every game. The new manager is amazing. His style of football is attractive and plays to the strengths of the players. Sunday will be a very tough game against one of the two favorites, but with teamwork and this manager, anything seems possible.”

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