Taylor Swift fan claims she donated to environmental charity, likely BS

Taylor Swift is tearing up after everyone learned his private jet was being used A LOT, but one fan tried to deflect the outrage…by posting an apparent false claim.

A self-proclaimed Swiftie dropped a few tweets on Friday that got a ton of traction online… this like the backlash against TayTay continues to rise amid news that his jet has been dumping CO2 emissions everywhere for several months now…just the latest celebrity to be called out for what many say is a huge carbon footprint left on the environment.

The woman – passing Britishwith the handle @taysrep89, and devotes the majority of his stream to singing the praises of TS — wrote: “TAYLOR SWIFT JUST OFFERED TO DONATE 10,000K TO MY ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION? THIS IS BIGGER THAN ALL OUR DONATIONS IN THE PAST 3 MONTHS THANK YOU SO MUCH @taylorswift13.”

BTW, Britt claims she’s the head of some sort of environmental charity called the National Environmental Protection Agency – which, as far as we can tell, doesn’t exist. The EPA sure does, but there aren’t many legitimate hits with the word “National” at first.

In any case, the woman doubled down on her claim that Taylor sent her $10,000 to the supposed organization… not only by showing a screenshot of what appears to be a DM from the singer… but by posting more ‘interactions which apparently show the continuous convo.

This girl said, yes, it’s real…but her tweets since then suggest it’s all a hoax. The tweets she posted on Saturday allude to some sort of lie and the fact that she cannot be held responsible. And, if you dig into her responses, you’ll see people shocked to learn that it was all just a prank… with this woman seemingly confirming this, albeit in a cryptic way.

If you look at her replies and tweets today, you’ll see that she apparently doesn’t care that people are calling her out for presenting a fake story about Taylor…because this fan thinks she’s actually giving back. a huge favor to Taylor by playing the crisis PR manager on his behalf.

Of course, Taylor herself has remained relatively quiet on this issue – although her rep told us this week, her jet is on loan to others…so all of her use isn’t directly on her.

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