Taco Bell manager poured boiling water on customers, lawsuits

A Texas lawsuit filed against Taco Bell alleges a Dallas store manager poured boiling water on customers, seriously injuring them, after they complained about an incomplete order.

In the lawsuit, filed July 13 in Dallas County 14th Judicial District Court, clients Brittany Davis and a minor, identified as CT, claim to have suffered permanent skin damage as a result of the June 17 incident at Dallas.

The 19-page lawsuit, filed by famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump and attorney Paul Grinke, alleges Taco Bell and the restaurant’s employees were grossly negligent, as well as negligent in hiring.

The two black women were locked in the dining room of the fast-food restaurant by the manager after trying to fix a problem with their $30 order twice incorrectly prepared during the drive-thru, according to a statement from Crump’s office. sent to USA TODAY.

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