Sustainable brewery leads the way in solar-powered brewing

At a brewery about an hour’s drive south of Ottawa, every golden pint is a sip toward sustainability.

Arbru Solar Brewery, in Mallorytown, Ontario, does not have a standby generator and relies entirely on the sun’s rays to keep it running daily. The company says this is a first in Canada.

“It’s sort of a science experiment,” owner Phil Audet told CTV News.

Audet designed the system after a career as a solar panel installer.

“I wanted to be able to prove to people that things have changed, that the technology is there,” he said.

The alternative energy system has proven to be sustainable despite harsh conditions.

As severe windstorms knocked out power lines across Ontario in May, Audet Brewery beer kept brewing. But the brewery has done more for their community than providing beer.

“We’ve actually helped people charge cellphones,” he said.

Harnessing the sun is a growing trend in the industry.

A New Brunswick brewery uses solar energy to supplement its electricity needs, with the ultimate goal of achieving net zero emissions.

Audet hopes his solar-powered foam will show other business owners the benefits of going green. Or, if anything, demonstrate that it is possible.

“We can get off the grid and get there,” he said.

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