Summer Bucket List for Single Women

Summer is arguably the best time of year to be single. It’s so much easier to be social when you’re not struggling with winter coats and boots, after all, which means this time of year there’s so much to do. and so many people eager to do anything with you. That said, summer always feels like it slips away so quickly — too quickly, for someone who loves long days, warm weather, glowing skin, and the general positive energy that pervades the season. Now that it’s already July (sob), it’s time to start celebrating the season the way it should be – and there’s no better way to make the most of every day than by creating a list of things to do for the summer.

Summer bucket lists are useful for many reasons. For one thing, you get a little thrill of accomplishment when you cross something off the list. On the other hand, they keep you from getting into a rut or letting another summer go by without doing that one thing you’ve promised yourself to do for the past two years. But also, summer bucket lists only add to the exciting summer vibe, anything can happen. Who knows what adventure your quest to complete another to-do list item will culminate in?

If you haven’t yet written a summer bucket list in your Notes app or in your mind, we have plenty of activities to complete. These are our favorite hot girl summer bucket list ideas to make this summer your best summer yet.

— Additional reporting by Zara Patel and Charlotte Kho

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