Stranger Things Cast Audition Tapes

As we wait for season five — which has been underway since August 2 — “Stranger Things” fans can see their favorite characters’ audition tapes in a new video shared by Vanity Fair on August 10.

The show’s casting director, Carmen Cuba, details how she chose each of the main actors, from Finn Wolfhard – who she says was a natural director from the start – to Millie Bobby Brown, who she says has maintained an American accent throughout, even refraining from his natural British accent during Zoom calls with the Duffers. Gaten Matarazzo, she explains, was a surprise. “You couldn’t have predicted or researched someone like Gaten,” she says. “It was a great surprise. What he brought to the character was not what we imagined. It also made us realize that we didn’t even have a clue what it could be until we met him.”

Meanwhile, Winona Ryder didn’t have to audition, she adds, unlike David Harbour, although Cuba admits she was a long-time fan. She also discusses casting Jamie Campbell Bower as Vecna, revealing that when casting the role, the scenes with Vecna ​​didn’t yet exist, so they used sides from the horror classics “Primal Fear.” and “Hellraiser”.

The video isn’t the first time some of the cast’s audition tapes have been shared with the public. Shortly after the second season aired, Netflix launched “Beyond Stranger Things,” an after-show program to discuss the series. The postbinge special was hosted by comedian and filmmaker Jim Rash and features some of the cast members as they dive into the series.

It’s so hilarious to see how much the actors have grown since their auditions. Check them out in the video above.

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