State investigation shows race-based policing pattern in Minneapolis

St. Paul, Minn.

The Minneapolis Police Department has engaged in a pattern of racial discrimination for at least a decade, including stopping and arresting black people at a higher rate than white people, using force more often against people of color and maintaining a culture where racist language is tolerated. , a state investigation launched after the murder of George Floyd has come to light.

The report released Wednesday by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights following a nearly two-year investigation said the agency and the city would negotiate a court-binding agreement to address the long list of issues. identified in the report, with input from residents, officers, municipal staff and others.

The report states that data from police departments “demonstrates significant racial disparities in officers’ use of force, traffic stops, searches, citations and arrests.” And he said officers “used covert social media to monitor black individuals and black organizations, unrelated to criminal activity, and maintain an organizational culture where some officers and supervisors use racist, misogynistic and disrespectful language in all impunity”.

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