Snapchat introduces its first parental controls

Snap, Instagram, TikTok and other social media companies have been quizzed by lawmakers, regulators and activists over toxic content on their platforms, leading some young people to say the apps have made life worse. diet and contributed to other mental health problems. Snap has also been criticized for the way its app lets teens buy drugs like fentanyl.

These issues gained traction last year after a former Facebook employee released internal documents showing that some teens seemed to feel worse about themselves after using its products, like Instagram. Executives from Instagram, Snap, TikTok and YouTube later testified before Congress about whether social media harms young people. In March, a group of state attorneys general asked Snap and TikTok to increase parental controls on their apps.

Other countries have also acted to protect young people from the effects of social media. In September, Britain instituted new child safety regulations, prompting platforms such as Instagram to introduce its first parental controls. Instagram’s parental controls allow people to see and limit the time their children spend on the app.

Snap has also recently been struggling with declining business. Last month, the company reported its slowest quarterly growth in its history amid an economic downturn and challenges to its advertising business.

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