Smart Meter Myths Busted: How to Reduce Energy Bills by ‘Hundreds of Pounds’ | Personal finance | Finance

She also explained that because a smart meter records readings every 30 minutes, people don’t need to submit frequent meter readings, nor will they be “stung by bad estimates.”

She said: ‘Vendors also get much more accurate readings, which means you’re not overcharged or paid too little, only to receive an unexpected bill to make up the shortfall later.

“You also won’t need to manually take readings from your home or business electricity and gas meters and then submit them to your supplier: smart meters do this automatically. »

So, can smart meters significantly reduce people’s bills?

Ms Kelly said: ‘The amount of bill reduction depends on individual behavioral changes, but households currently wasting energy could see their bills drop by hundreds of pounds with a smart meter and adjustment of their energy consumption.

However, Ms Kelly explained that people will need to be aware of peak times when running appliances such as their washing machine and dishwasher, as they will inevitably cost more to run.

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