Shawn Mendes postpones concerts due to mental health issues

Shawn Mendes is taking time off to focus on his mental health.

The 23-year-old singer announced on Friday that he has decided to postpone his upcoming concerts after reaching “a breaking point”.

“It breaks my heart to have to say this, but unfortunately I will have to postpone the next three weeks of shows in Uncasville, CT until further notice,” Mendes shared in an Instagram post. “I’ve been touring since I was 15 and to be honest it’s always been hard being on the road away from my friends and family.”

He added that after a few years without a road, “I felt ready to dive back in, but that decision was premature and unfortunately the toll of the road and the pressure caught up with me and I hit a break indicating. »

Mendes continued, “After speaking with my team and medical professionals, I need to take some time off to heal and take care of myself and my mental health, first and foremost. »

“As soon as there are more updates, I promise I’ll let you know. I love you guys,” the “It’ll be fine” crooner concluded.

The comments section in Mendes’ post is filled with messages of support from friends and followers.

This isn’t the first time the Canadian entertainer has spoken openly about his mental health and his feelings. In April, he posted a long message on Twitter sharing that he often wonders “what should I do with my life”.

“What I always hear back is ‘tell the truth, be the truth,’ I feel like that’s a hard thing to do,” Mendes said, adding that he has ” afraid that if people know and see the truth, they might think less of me.

“In those moments when I feel depressed, I either put on a show or hide. Truth, in its current form, is a 23-year-old who constantly feels like he’s flying or drowning. Maybe it’s just that being in my twenties, or maybe it’s just me,” he wrote candidly before noting that he was fine.

In a follow-up Tweeter, he reassured his fans that he was fine, tweeting, “Honestly, I’m fine! I just want to communicate with you guys in a really honest way. so i just typed a big old note for you lol.

Mendes kicked off his Wonder Tour in Portland, Oregon on June 27. It is scheduled to run through October 26 and end in Newark, New Jersey. He also has a European leg of the tour, which is set to start on May 31, 2023.

Alongside his tour, Mendes was working with tour sponsor Disney+ to grant patients’ wishes by visiting select children’s hospitals in the United States.

Additionally, the singer — with his Shawn Mendes Foundation — was “offering wonderful grants to young changemakers in every market in North America and donating $1 per ticket to support these programs,” he shared on Instagram Thursday.

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