Sentence for an ex-officer involved in the death of George Floyd: 2.5 years

St. Paul, Minnesota.

A federal judge sentenced former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane to 2.5 years in prison on Thursday for violating the civil rights of George Floyd, calling Mr. Lane’s role in the restraint that killed Mr. Floyd “d ‘very serious offense in which a life was lost’ but handing down a sentence far short of what prosecutors and Mr Floyd’s family were seeking.

Judge Paul Magnuson’s sentence was slightly longer than the 27 months that Mr Lane’s lawyer had requested, while prosecutors had asked for at least 5 and a quarter years in prison – the lower limit of federal guidelines. Mr Lane was found guilty earlier this year of depriving Mr Floyd of his right to medical care.

Mr. Lane, who is white, held Mr. Floyd’s legs as Officer Derek Chauvin pinned Mr. Floyd’s neck with his knee for nearly 9½ minutes on May 25, 2020. Video of a spectator of Mr. Floyd, who was black, pleading that he could not breathe has sparked protests in Minneapolis and around the world in a judgment on racial injustice on the police.

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