Senators revive bipartisan talks on immigration

A bipartisan group of senators has resumed efforts to overhaul the US immigration system, after years of failed attempts to pass legislation on the politically contentious topic.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Richard J. Durbin of Illinois met with members of the Sens group on Thursday morning. vote, the minimum necessary to overcome a filibuster in the equally divided Senate.

The senators said they discussed several topics, such as changes for migrant farm workers essential to the U.S. economy and changes for foreign workers stuck in a year-long backlog of green cards, as well as their children who grew up on legal but “aged” visas before their parents’ green cards became available.

It was the first of what will likely be an “ongoing series of meetings,” Tillis said.

The push comes less than a year after Democrats tried to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants through a party-line reconciliation bill, but were thwarted by internal divisions and the decisions of a Senate counsel prohibiting the inclusion of immigration provisions.

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