Sell ​​by. Amplify Indie-Grunge Enthusiasts With ‘Social Smoker’ | New

Big sporty drums, moody guitars and a punchy chorus Guildford band Sell ​​by. make a splash with his new single, ‘Social Smoker’. The giddy distortion drives the track forward, offering its listeners an escape from the mundane. Ambitious and anthemic, the lyrics delve into the personal, seeking answers that unite those who feel like outsiders.

The three members explain: “We started writing to sell by, at a particularly turbulent time in our lives, myself (James) and drummer Jamie had recently left a band that played an important role in both of our lives. That’s why we think Social Smoker exudes a kind of cathartic energy.

Designed for the stage, the track lends itself to a celebratory moment among the crowds as the band prepares for future shows.

“The song is written about (and for) the kind of people who come to life in the smoking area of ​​a club. People who don’t fit in, but really try to. We really wanted to make a scary record and tried to encapsulate as many post grunge and 2000s pop punk influences as possible. At the time of writing/recording we were listening to a lot of Green Day, Biffy Clyro and the early Foo Fighters.

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sell by – Social Smoker

Words: Ana Lamond

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